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Blog by Bjørn Venø


The artist Venø works with photography video and performance. He tries hard at being a licensed fool and has a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm.

Three Dreams

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sat, April 18, 2009 13:51:12

Dream 18.04.09
I'm living in a non described place. It is a little hut on a green field looking on to a church window... It's not to far from the maine road that has trees with pink flowers on either side. The hut is sparse one room and a bath room, but it is my own. Further down the road their is a farm run by a women in her 30s and her mother. Further yet their is a big industrial site where I work.... I think they make parts in relation to space travel. I go to the farm and talk to the Lady their, suddenly I touch her groin and she says oh yes I was hoping you would do that. We find our selves naked together in her bed. But her mother is their to, but the Lady asks me to insert my finger in to her, which I do and I feel the wetness. The mother however is not to impressed, I suggest to the lady that she visits me at the hut.

Dream 14.04.09
I'm on the island that i grew up. The oldest neighbors son and I have just had a cyclingcontest from his house to the bridge (2 km). I do not know why, but I have to go back for some reason. The neighbor is wearing my watch and while I'm gone he wants to jump of the bridge. I tell him several times to take of the watch, I do not trust him. I cycle back I met my uncle walking his dog (dog which died several years ago), I take a short cut across the water (I cycle on water).

Dream some time ago maybe a month, but it is still in my mind.
With a student that I think is atractive from UNI I'm watching a green plant that is like a pile of worms growing. suddenly the plant starts to grow a short stem higher and higher. but the stem is to thin and it brakes.

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Mask Girl

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Wed, September 17, 2008 12:00:39
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(Google Image serch: mask girl)

Tuesday 16.09.08 Gillingham 09:17

Location, the home of my youth, in front of the bath room that changes to a street in Måløy

A girl is standing in front of me, she is wearing a mask I look intently at her piercing her ayes; I know who she is, in the end she relents and takes the mask away. She looks pleadingly at me and begs me to stop. She was the second girl I ever loved with every bone in my body. But I was not good enough for her.

I look away, but when I return my gaze she has taken the form of my first girlfriend. She tells me that she has slept with my father’s uncle, a Norwegian fisherman. Out of everyone she could have slept with I feel she managed to pick the one that hurt me the most. I forgive her.

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girl with red hair

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, August 31, 2008 08:53:33
Blog Image(google image search: girl with red hair)

I’m at an outdoor concert; sitting on a field looking down on to a town that holds a stage, behind the stage is a 6 story flat. Maria Carry comes out in a silver dress and starts singing weird tunes. Suddenly she calls for the police because some kids in the flat next to the stage have shot a rope from their window down to the stage. She runs in to the 6-story building behind her and hides in the top flat. The kids jump down on to the stage. Two of the kids do a weird stunt where they use the rope in an impossible way to shoot them selves up in the air and back on to the stage with a parachute. One of them seems to have a severe accident, but survives.

The Kids turn up in-between the audience where I’m sitting. And start talking about their equipment. How it is the best hand glider in the world etc. A guy in a suit turns up taking pictures; I say he is a police scout, the kids say they know. I hide my head behind my cap.

I decide to leave. On the way I recognize a girl from a school I went to 10 years ago, I had a secret crush on her. She is walking with her girlfriend who has the same reed hair. I say hi, and the girlfriend knows of me, she wonders how old I am. Presuming I’m younger. I say I'm 79

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DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Wed, July 09, 2008 09:46:04
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We are celebrating my birthday on the island of my youth.
I have fallen asleep, I'm dreaming that I'm in India cycling down narrow alleyways with loads of people I hit several dead ends.  I awake it is my birthday but all the guests have disappeared. My dad tells me they have goon to the local pub... 
I wanted to show them my raft (that no longer exists) and the beach I spent a lot of my youth on. Even though the water is cold and the weather windy....

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Going out

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Thu, June 26, 2008 00:21:47

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Location, the island of my youth. A group of classmates from my youth are painting my child hood room. I discover that London Fetish scene is coming to our village and the location is my grandma’s room and house. I go over there and start painting the room white. The next morning to my horror the wallpaper that was underneath has come through, flowered and sunset patterns. 


I get a phone call from one of the organisers, a Swedish latex tailor I know. She asks me about the opening and closing times and as far as I’m aware they are correct. Whilst I’m talking to her I decide to go, but I only buy a ticket for my self because my friends are not in to it.


The next morning I get up early to start painting again. I go out side where I see one of my classmates, she is smoking. I ask her if she will not be going, but no… 

Dreamed: Tuesday 24.06.08 08:35 Gillingham

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DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Thu, June 26, 2008 00:20:12

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 Location, the island of my youth. In this world we use Robots that we sit in like cars. I receive a call for help from a colleague at the old peoples home. She is being chased by a colleague goon mad.


I can not remember the details but there is a twist were it turns out that the one I’m helping is the mad one and I have to escape. I manage to cal on Special Forces who take care of her.


I join the Special Forces. Some time later my island is infected by an organism that can take control over people. We return to get rid of them.


We are ambushed, I get infected for a little time but luckily I managed to save some of the antidote that we brought with us.


At the mans bone, a deadly part of the costal line I face the deadliest monster. Which I mange to kill with my laser and some poison…

Dreamed: Monday 23.06.08 10:57 Gillingham

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The Fall

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Tue, June 17, 2008 05:26:58

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(Google Image search "Old taxi")

I have bean visiting this slightly kinky family who know my parents. I have returned to my mothers place and my dad is there, he is driving home where I’m also going. But I have decided to visit the kinky family once more before I leave. Dad doesn’t agree, he drives of with the dogs in the boot. I walk in to the house and my mom shows her disapproval to… I say fuck you.

I take this taxi…. it is returning to the kinky families house. The road is in Norway, more precisely some where around Statt. It is dark and slightly rainy, the taxi driver who is Norwegian, he has a moustache, is driving recklessly, he turns to me and says that he doesn’t rely know this road. I do a strained smile and put on my seat belt. He changes gear with his right hand where there sits a big gold ring. The car drives through the night, I initially know he has taken a wrong turn, the car comes to a stop. It is whipping back and forth on the edge of the mountain. I look at the taxi drives face and see fear. The taxi flips over, it is a magnificent view, the sea is hitting violently against the step rocks of the mountain. The taxi driver turns to me and says we are going to die and I know it to but say a little bit later “We might be lucky.”

The taxi hits the water and we are still alive. The water is flowing around the car. I take of my seatbelt and say that it is time to get out of the taxi. The water floods in and we swim to the surface. The taxi driver is thrilled he cries “we made it!” “not jet” I replay, the rocks are step and we cant clime up them, we have to swim along the mountain side until we find shore. And that is what we do. We do make it, but we can’t collapse her since no one will find us we must keep on walking.

I have now ended up on my own. I find a road but it turns out to be a narrow path, I walk along it. The sun has come out. I clime over a fence. I’m looking at the nature and think that if I could borrow a car with Erik then we would be able to get out hear with our cameras and lights.

I come to a abandoned building, I see a sign saying if you haven’t got a job you can come hear. It is a church made out of stone. I find an entrance and find people singing. I’m extremely glad. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I need some attention.” But they don’t hear me. I look at them and they are dressed in old fashioned clothes. I go up and touch them and my hand goes through them.

My reasoning is that they are ghosts… and if I can see ghosts then that means that I’m dead.

Dreamed: 09.06.04

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DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Tue, June 17, 2008 05:06:09

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(Picture by my Mum, me and my raft) 

I’m on the island, down by the beach looking over to the neighbours who have moved in to a caravan, presumably to be able to keep a closer watch on us. I carry some things up to Rogers house… Dad says that we shall not carry the last item, we shall take it by boot. I take the boat… a fancy tourist one… I think that I will have a problem docking, and I do… I understand what I have to do, but I don’t get it right. My dad tells me of and I go in to a strop that nobody has taught me how to use the boot.

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My Fathers cooking

DreamsPosted by Bjørn Venø Tue, June 17, 2008 04:56:42

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I’m talking to a girl… she asks me if I would go out dancing al night… I say yes. Ah cool she replays. Then she asks if I’m going to Venice where I replay that I have bean, I was the first group that went. I ask where she goes out… five hours away she replays. Why travel so far? That is where my boyfriend is.


The girl ends up on an outside bench with me and my farther. I see a man who looks sort of gay getting strangely in to his car. I say to the girl that I would like to take a picture of that scenario. I turn around to see that my farther is taking the picture.


We are in my fathers house on Venøy. My farther is preparing dinner. The girl is a bit confused on how my farther is making the dinner. He has cut up the met, put it on a plate which is on a tray which again is on the coking plate. I say it is to keep the met hot. My grandma comes in she is also having dinner, she complains about her hips.

Dreamed 14.04.04

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