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The artist Venø works with photography video and performance. He tries hard at being a licensed fool and has a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm.

Demon Butterfly

StoriesPosted by Bjørn Venø Thu, July 10, 2008 11:40:24

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(Demon Butterfly by Bjørn)


Once a pone time in a place not that far away there was a little caterpillar that lived deep inside a dark and enchanted forest. He lived there with his devoted and loving parents that had a little house on the top of a grand Oak. There they lived in peaceful bliss from the evils of the world, but as any young caterpillar the day came when he wanted to leave his parents to explore the mysteries of the world. At this news his mother wept and asked the caterpillar to promise that he would come back to visit, which he did and his father gave him a blanket that he should only use when he would be ready to become a man. And so the caterpillar left his parents home with the moon lighting up his way through the thick darkness of night.


Not long after the journey had begun the caterpillar herd a faint cry, “Stranger pleas help me!” The caterpillar stopped up startled and looked around, but all he could sense of the voice was a cold breath and with a scared voice he asked “Who’s there” as he clutched even tighter to his blanket. “I’m only a poor creature that is desperately in the need of help from a young and gallant creature like your self.” “I wish I could help dear Sir, but my father tolled me not too stray from the light of the pathway” Replayed the caterpillar. “My dear friend, would you leave me hear to die?” “No!” “Then pleas come to my aide” With that the caterpillar stepped of the pathway and entered the heavy darkness that tightly rapt it self around him. “I can not see” said the caterpillar “I’m here my dear friend, just come a little closer.” The caterpillar approached the voice slowly until he met something hairy and wet. “There you are my friend; I’m eternally grateful that you would risk your life to come to my aide.” “Risk my life?” asked the butterfly. “Yes for the predators that devour living flesh hunt only where the moon does not shine, but do not fear my dear caterpillar for you are hear by my request and no one may touch you besides me.” “Are you to eat me?” “Oh no my dear caterpillar” laughed the cold voice. “I spoke truthfully and now you must listen carefully for I’m about to tell you what I require from you. Earlier this night I drank blood that poisoned me and I shall now die within the hour if the poison is not extracted from my body. I wish that you will bight in to me and suck out the poison, but do not fear for the poison will not kill you.” The caterpillar felt sorry for the dying creature and did as he wished without any hesitation. “I’m in eternal debt to you my dear caterpillar and I promise that none of my kind will ever harm you, for now some of my blood runs through your vanes. But you must make haste and return to your pathway for there are other creatures then I and my kind in the darkness.”



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(Trany the Angel by Bjørn)

Chapter I

The caterpillar was not an idle creature, he had eaten him self fat on leaves and explored a good part of the world, at least that’s what he thought for him self. But he was still not shore if he was reedy to become a man for how would he know? His father said he would know, but what would it be like? Would he suddenly have a pompous voice in his head saying, “My dear Caterpillar you are now ready to commence on to the last stage of metamorphism.” Or would he feel a physical urge like the need to relive one self? He was starting to feel frustration towards his father for not elaborating further and out of sheer defiance and anger he threw the blanket over him self. Within moments it turned in to a cocoon.


Peace is bestowed upon those who enter the realm of tranquil dreams. However the caterpillars visions of tranquil have sadly bean subverted by his encounter with the creatures of the dark. He is being fed pleasure from the delights of pain inflected on him by hideous monsters. The feeling of letting these emotions flow throe him is pushing him along, making him feel evil like the creatures of the night, and he enjoys the feeling. He feels his body and mind changing and soon he will be ready for the world.


The metamorphism is complete, the caterpillar has transcended in to a butterfly with beautiful whinges that would either shine purple or blue depending on what angel you looked at them. There was so much he wanted to do, so much he wanted to see, but first he had to for fill his cravings for flesh. He looked high and low for a spouse to release his desires on to, but there were no females to be found. Day and night he searched with no luck, it was not that they were not there for he could smell them. It dawned on him that he could not attract what he desired making the cravings within scream out in unbearable pain and before he knew it he was captured in a spiders webb.


“You will be one step from Hell if you give in to your desires.” Said a voice that came from his spine.


“My; what a wonderful day, I shall certainly have a most delightful fest of you.” Said a wonderfully elegant spider Queen that let her teeth slide slowly over the butterfly’s flesh. The butterfly monad with happiness never dreamed of. “Oh my, it seams that you are not to be devoured but enjoyed with the pleasures of pain.”  “I don’t understand” said the butterfly “You are a rare creature, maybe one of a kind. My evil nature and sharp teeth turn you on, makes your blood boil with passion” “NO! it’s not true”  “Search your sole and you will know it to be so” said the Spider Queen  whilst her sharp teeth crossed his skin. The butterfly felt his body spasm, but he strived hard to lock down his feelings. 


A female butterfly flew in to the web; the Spider Queen smiled and said “I know what will release you from your defences, my sweet little play thing.” The female butterfly looked to the butterfly pleading for help. “Now now you little Tart, why should he help you when you and all your friends looked at him as a slice of dirt.”  “We never did that, we were just afraid, theirs just something different about him.”  “Yes there is, something delightfully different” Said the Spider Queen as she violently tore Tarte the butterflies wings asunder. The screams were like an opera to the butterflies ears. “Yes give in to your desire, don’t be afraid to delight in the suffering of Tart the butterflie, come worship my feet as I destroy this pitiful creature that dared look down on you.” The butterfly closed his eyes and screamed to him self, why do I have these feelings, I don’t want to hurt a fly.” “You sick pervert you are enjoying my suffering are you not?” Screamed Tart the Butterfly with spite as the Spider Queen poked out her left eye. The butterfly opend his eyes and said “Yes I am, make her suffer my Quen and please punish me for my sins when you are don with here.” The Spider Queen laughed like the evil creature she was, “Come to me my little play thing and lick my legs whilst I tear this reached Tart apart.”  And so they lived forever more in evil delight, until an unfortunate encanoter.


A little blond girl of 7 was having a tee party with her dolls when she lost her attention to the striking butterfly that was on his way to pick some dark flowers for his beautiful mistress. The girl remembered the words of her mother “If you desire a wish you must capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it. Since the butterfly is mute he can not reveal the wish to no one but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all. When you then release the butterfly it will be grateful for its freedom and carry your wish to the Great Spirit.” So the little girl captured the butterfly and whispered, “I wish that mummy and daddy can get back together again” but in her eagerness she grabbed a little too tightly and the butterfly died on that day in her little hands.


The girl shaded many a crocodile tear over the butterfly’s dead corpse; she even had a proper burial for him. For a coffin, she gave him a matchstick box padded with cotton wool and for a cross; she used the two remaining matchsticks. She appointed her self as the priest and her dolls were to be the butterfly’s grieving mother and father. “From dust you came and with dust you shall live in death.” Finished the little girl after talking far and long about what a wonderful person the butterfly used to be. She would be eating her own intestines if she had only known what destiny she had laid upon the butterfly. Her guardian angel knew, but could say nothing to the little girl, maybe just as well.


The guardian angle used to be a man, but now he has big tits, milky white skin, striking reed hair and magnificent blue wings. After the burial, the Guardian Angel chose to wish the butterfly luck on his journey and gave him 13 words, that one day would become famous in fairy tales for naughty little children. “Your sinful indulgement has condemned you to Hell and the name Demon Butterfly.” And so it came to pas that the butterfly was the first of its kind to enter Hell.


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(The flower by Bjørn)

Chapter II

The smell of scorched flesh and body fluids flowed through the rivers of hell as all kinds of monsters in shiny rubber indulging in pain and pleasure with earth beings. The site knocked the breath out of the butterfly for he could see further then ever before which made him feel small and insignificant, but maybe most of all pretty scared. “Pleas pleas help me out of this telly,” Asked a rusty old voice, the butterfly turned around and saw a raged old woman inside a TV watching her self inside a TV, that is watching her self inside a TV and so forth. “Pretty butterfly can you pleas pull the plug?” “Why…?” “Many years ago I stopped up to look at this TV, to find that I was only looking at my self. Something that has got a bit boring since I have turned old and ugly.” Said the old lady in the TV. “I’m afraid I have no hands, no hands have I, there are no hands on me that can help you, no hands I have.” Said the butterfly “I see, go to the dark and spooky cave over there, the monster within might give you some hands or two.”


The butterfly flew over to the dark and spooky cave over there and knocked on it. With a gust of wind, the cave sucked the light away like any other black vortex. “Who wishes an audience with the all mighty monster in the cave?” said something in the dark. “I do,” said the butterfly. “Who is I” said something in the dark. “If I say who I am will you say who you are?” “I might” “I is the butterfly in front of you, and you are?” “I’m the nail that is pierced in to the slimy wall of this cave.” “Ah… that’s nice… may I have this audience you speak of? “ “Yes you may. The butterfly who is in front of me seeks an audience with the all mighty monster in the cave.” Said the nail that is pierced in to the slimy wall of the cave with an echo that died in to silence and more silence. “So when is this almighty monster in the cave going to speak?” Said the butterfly after much time had past. But no one would answer. He flue around, brushing against the slimy walls until he knocked the nail on its head. The cave vibrated and hands came out of the walls grabbing the butterfly in a firm grip. “I sense you desire hands, but what will you sacrifice to have them.” Said an all mighty voice. “I don’t want to sacrifice a thing.” “Sacrifice you must, and I shall take a slice of your brain, the part that drives your sexual desires” The hands ripped the skin and skull of the butterfly to take out a big slice of brain and when they where finished they did a poor job in putting him together again. The butterfly awoke finding him self in a pile of blood, he lifted him self out of the gue and realised he had bean blessed with two new hands, but he no longer felt the raging desire that flowed through his veins. "What a fantastic gift to be free from sexual desires" he said with utter most pleasure and finished with a magnificent scream "Mother nature you can no longer control me."


“Good work young butterfly, may you be so kind to pull the plug out of my telly with those beautiful new hands of yours.” The butterfly pulled hard and long but the plug did not wish to move. “You cannot just pull you must also desire the plug out of its hole” And so did the butterfly. “Well don my beautiful night in shiny armour, I freely give you my body to desire and indulge in” said the old lady that morphed in to a repulsing beast of sexual attraction as she stepped out of the telly. “I’m afraid that I'm no longer in possession of my desire.” “How rude, maybe you will find it again if you get an infinity to look for it.” With this the beast entered the skies and the butterfly found him self looking at him self in a TV looking at him self until he met Infinity.


“Neet isn’t it” said Infinity. “What is neet?” “That I exist of course” “Why’s that neet” “Because if it hadn’t been for me then you would not have bean hear” “and what is so special about hear.” “Why me of course.” “Uh hu” said the butterfly and started to fly away. “You know that you can’t fly away from me. At every moment and every second in time and space there is a you having a conversation with me.” “What ever… I only know one me.” “Don’t forget that you are seeing an infinite number of you at this single moment.” “I’m trying to ignore that fact” “Imagine if you could control all the infinite you’s all across time and space” “Then I would kill my self an infinet number of times, for what would be the fun of experiencing everything all at ones and all the time?” “Well… you would get to hang out with me” “… hurray… how exciting.” “Don’t you like me…?” “No… you are just too much…” “Oh… ok then… well I shall be in the bar if you ever change your mind. We could watch the berth of a universe from the ass of a hippopotamus over a cold bier or…” “Just stop there… would you.” “Ok…” And the TV exploded violently, scorching the butterflies flesh.


His body was still burning when he woke up in a pile of debre. “Oh my head” he aggressively complained to the closest talking organism, which happened to be a twisted and burnt flower in a medical vas with blue acid. The flower bent down to him and spoke with a soothing voice “if you drink my liquid you will feel much better”. The butterfly looked up at it and was struck with its beauty. He flapped his broken wings and gracefully tasted the flower. The butterfly’s pain was replaced by a dizziness, “You taste extremely good, may I drink some more.” “By all means drink as much as you wish.” The flower said with a little moan and swinging of its head. The butterfly felt power and energy bubbling within him for each sip he took, but at the same time he felt his will fading away, slowly being replaced by desire. The flowers thorns grew around him, finally pining the butterfly down. “My dear how do you feel?” “I feel fantastic”  “How wonderful, I sincerely hoped I could make you feel so well.” With a brutal pull and a vicious twist the flower tore of the butterfly’s head. “What are you doing?” Exclaimed the butterfly in a serious town. “I want to keep your head her with me so that I can be with you on your adventures.” “And how do you expect me to go on any adventures without a head?” “Pleas don’t be like that, all I wanted was to be with you. And I will make you a beautiful new head.” Said the flower and gave him a genteel kiss on the bone sticking out of his neck. With the kiss all the notorieties inflicted upon him bloomed in to an orgasm of beautiful feelings. And out of the bleeding stump where his head used to be there grew a new and fierce face that looked a little odd. “Now my precious night we shall go out in to hell and experience all your great adventures.” And the butterfly was freed from the flowers firm grip. The big burning sun was melting in to the horizon and the birds were singing in pain. The butterfly felt happy and content as he flew in to the sunset, but he started puking when a thought struck him “The flower was not female”. “My dear night you hurt my feelings, I might not have bean borne a gal, but I promise you that I’m more gal then most.” Said the flower from within the butterfly’s head. “Oh… and that is suppose to make me feel better.” “Let go of your preconceptions and follow your instincts my young night.” As the flower said these words it let the butterfly’s first head drink of its juices, something that rekindled the desire within him. “Yes my dear flower, where in Hell do you wish to go?” “We shall go to the cave of Dacta.” Said the flower. 


Chapter III

The butterfly flew gracefully over pain and suffering toward a mountain of black crystal that had screaming creatures melted under its skin of stone. The mountain was called Dacta. As the butterfly flew it mumbled to it self...  "First I lost my sexual desire, that was fine since I became more free then I had ever bean, but then I met the flower that melded it self with me..." "Hey come on butterfly don't be like that... think of it like this: you have as much freedom as when you was controlled by your sexual desires... the only difference is that I control you now." "Yes if you put it like that you are probably right..." "I just hope it will be more satisfying" "Of curse it will" said the flower and dipped the butterfly’s first head in to her juices and satisfactory pleasures fild him. "See... I can make you feel good when ever you need it... through me you will become stronger beyond your imagination." "Yes I will..." The butterfly said as he approached the cave of Dacta, but the butterfly was a bit apprehensive to fly in because of all the horrid ayes steering at him under the surface of the black crystal. "Are you shore it is safe to fly in?" "Nothing in life is quite safe now is it... but then again you are dead so what have you to fear?" "You know what I think?" "Yes, but tell me anyway." "I think all these twisted creatures have bean lead in hear by you, that there is something in hear that you desire, but only one can collect it." "How perceptive of you, but do not fear, I will still give you pleasure, if you are not the chosen one and get melted in to the mountains crystal." With these words pleasure filed the butterfly and he flew in to the cave of Dacta. The black crystal gave away a soothing light that guided the butterfly safely through its caverns. Protecting him from the sharp blades that covered the surface of the grotto and the burning acid that dripped from the ceiling. "You might just be the one" the flower whispered as thousands of ayes stared at the butterfly singing a song to him self on repeat.


”A man from Japan probed my mind with a cube of sugar from Afghanistan. A girl from a football stadium probed my mind with a tee spoon from Mars. A monkey from Norway probed my mind with a smelly tee cup from the telly, a maggot from down below probed my mind with boiling hoot juice…"


"Can't you stop singing that pathetic excuse for a song, it's getting on my nerves" said the flower from within, but as the butterfly obeyed the cave started to consume them. "It seams that someone likes my song" "Obviously... I will just have to endure it" and with that the song brought theme safely to the centre of the mountain where a bloody axe was glomming with evil spite... only the handle was free to grasp with ones hands. The butterfly stopped him self just as he was about to grab the handle. "Clearly I'm just a tool you are using to obtain a goal I know nothing of. So tell me again why I’m helping you?” “That is your rationality speaking, let go of it and indulge in your instincts” “Desires you mean” “Words are just tools and true as long as everyone agrees on there meaning. If you want instincts to be synonyms with desire that is fine by me.” “All I want is to be free… which I’m not as long as I follow the impulses you trigger within me.” The flower lets the original butterfly’s head indulge in its juices as it whispers “forget your rationality, do what you’re body wants.” With these words the butterfly grabs the Axe that fastens itself to his hands and connects to his nerves and mind. With an instant he can feel what the axe feels and its name shines before him: "THE AXE OF DOOM"


The black crystal withers to dust, freeing the Axe and all the creatures from there eternal prison. “Behold your admires young butterfly.” A vast horde of demons try to show there undying gratitude to the butterfly, but through the Axe he feels a hunger for blood and his arms smoothly start to wiled the Axe “Yes let your self be controlled” whispers the flower as pleasure rages through the butterfly. He tries to drop the Axe but it is apart of him now and he feels its pleasure as it slices through flesh, blood and bone. Inn hell one can not die, however there are always exceptions and this is one of them, those who get struck down by the Axe of Doom will never rise again. And no one in the closesest proximity got to rise again to indulge in Hells pleasures. “From to day you will be known as the Demon Butterfly… a name that will shred fear from Hell to Heven.” “I’m not to shore if I’m that happy with the idea of that… for all I am is your tool of destruction” “Don’t be so ungrateful you are the one who will get all the fame and admiration… whilst I get nothing” said the flower slyly. “Don’t think you can fool me you get power and control, whilst I’m your face your decoy… no mater how powerful you have made me there will come a day I get struck down inn the belief that I’m the evil one and all you need to do is start your search for the one who can wiled the Axe of Doom.” “You are insightful… far more so than any of my previous lovers, but this maters not.” “I guess not… I might still have my rationality but it is nothing against the perverted desire that you feed me with.” “No it is not… and now we shall met the Devil him self.” “For a cup of tee?”


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(Sly the Fly by Bjørn)

Chapter IV

A Mighty cashel bound together by living and screaming bosoms stood in front of them but the doors would not open, not even to the Axe of Doom. “The casel is of the same evil as the Axe, which means that they repel each other like magnets of the same polarity. You most find another way in.” said the flower from the deeps of the Demon Butterfly’s mind. “Why can we not just ask for an audience?” “For the Devil is grieving the loss of his only chilled and no one accept his closest get to enter.” “Then we let time solve our puzzle.” said the Demon Butterfly and found a place out of site to watch over the casel to let the answer present it self for him and so it did even sooner then expected in the form of a women, the one he had saved from the TV. The butterfly flew elegantly down to her and bowed with elegance “I regret deeply that I was not able to accept your gift last time we met but maybe you may present me with another gift, one I can accept” Said the Demon Butterfly with a seductive town. “You have changed but I will always recognise my night in shining armour that saved me from infinity and kraped on my pride.” “I’m very sorry about that my Lady I…” “Lady… ha ha that is a title I have not heard for a long time… no you may cal me …. Lilth. I will be happy to reword you for your honourable dead of rescuing me. What may I do for you?” “We… I mean I would like an audience with the Devil” “Would you now… It would have been much wiser of you to have accepted my body, but if that is your wish then so be it.”


The Devil’s palace was grand, decorated wit black pearls and dancing playboy bunny’s that wiggled there tight bums about the corridor and flashed there deformed and scared faces. After the corridor they came to a chapel with Nuns in latex chanting something on the lines of “O Satana may you’re wisdom and glory fill us…”. “I must say the decor is pretty nice. But I think we should get ride of the women, they do nothing for me.” Said the Demon Butterfly “That’s good then we don’t have to worry about redecorating and the women should be easy enough to destroy.” Whispered the flower. A Nun left her chant and walked elegantly towards the Demon Butterfly. “How may I help you?” “Can you show me to the Devil?” “I’m afraid that is out of the question.” “Then there is no more you can do for me.” Said the Demon Butterfly and chopped the Nuns head of. The other five nuns looked up at the Butterfly horrified but they sun morphed in to a form more capable to inflict deadly pain. The Nuns sharp and deformed body parts entered slowly in to the Demon Butterfly’s body tearing out his guts. However this did not stop him from making the Nuns heads roll. The playboy bunny’s came running to the Nuns aide, but they also became apart of the new floor decoration. With the last kill a flow of desire and satisfaction emanated within the Demon Butterfly’s soul as the flower dipped him in to her juices. “You never stop to amaze me it seams that not only have you become the deadliest being Hell has ever harboured, you have also become invincible. No being has ever lived through a fight with the Nuns of hell. It seems prospective that we will succeed in killing that stuck up fart of a Devil.” “So that is what you want me for…” “Oh no my dear that is only a scratch on the surface of what I have bean planing for sentries… but lets wait with this cosy little chat until the Devil him self has tasted his own burning flesh.”


The Devil sat on his throne with a gloomy face. He looked perfectly human except for his aye sockets; instead of wet gushy aye bales they harboured dancing blue flame. In a strange way this only enhanced his beauty, one could lose one self to the pleasures of the flesh just by looking at him, but so it should be for a fallen angel. The Devil was watching a banal performance by a fly with tattoos and a purple top hat with a feather that gave him a groovy pimp look. The fly was singing Dancing in the Rain with a voice that sounded remarkably like Frank Sinatra’s. He was also doing al the moves perfectly correct. But he and the rain froze as he noticed Demon Butterfly’s presence. The Devil looked up and in to the Demon Butterfly’s ayes piercing every inch of nerve and flesh, but it was hardly anywhere like the pain he felt as when the Devil’s ayes burned in to the soul. Everything went white and the Devil and the Demon Butterfly entered the realm of none existence. The Demon Butterfly noticed that he no longer had the Axe of Dom and that he had his old earthly appearance but best of al the flower was no where to be found in the deeps of his mind. “Do not be to happy my friend, you will sun enough return to Hell where you will kill me. I have used my entire life in preparing for your coming, now that you are finely here I beryl no what to say.” Said the Devil in a soothing voice, “…I’m just a butterfly?” “Not anymore, you are a creature of Hell and you wiled the Axe of Doom which is not that terrible for it is no more then it’s master, what is troubling is that the flower is wielding you.”  “Tell me about it… I get pleasure and delight from my destructive actions, but I wish no one harm…” “And so it is with al beings in Hell, the pain we inflict on each other is with love… not with hate or the wish to send anyone to this void of non existence.” “This is where the Axe of Doom sends it victims.” “Yes this is the place… not that nice… however we are running out of time and I have to tell you this… to free your self of the flower you must not kill the fly.” “That might be easier said then don…” “Use the remaining time hear to burn it in to your mind.” And so the Devil and the Demon Butterfly sat and meditated in the world of non existence until the Demon butterfly opened up his ayes in Hell. The Devil got of his throne and drew for the first time his burning sword that was the Axe of Dooms equal... “I have bean waiting for you.” “That has no consequence, you will meat your peril never the lese” said the Flower through the Demon Butterfly. The Devil leapt to his feat and charged. The two weapons met with violence. The Devil smiled “So you think you can kill me? I’m as old as existence itself.” “Nothing lives for ever” “No… up until recently everything lived for ever… things just took on different forms.” The fly bit of the Demon Butterfly’s hands and the Devil sunk his sword in to the Demon Butterfly and he sunk to the ground. “Maybe I was mistaken, maybe this was not the….” The Axe of Dom sliced through the Devil and gave bake the Butterfly his hands. “Ah how good it feels to finally have fulfilled my first goal.” “I hope I do not get to discover your other goals in life.” “Oh you will my dear Butterfly… you will see them all.” “hm… it figures… so what are we going to do with this Fly.” “Kill it of course.” “Oh pleas don’t kill me; I can get you black, white, orange or even pink pussy cats.” “I don’t like those smelly things anymore.” Said the Demon Butterfly and raised the Axe of Dom for the kill. “Hey I can do funny tricks.” Said the fly and poppet out his aye swallowed it and within seconds it came back again. The butterfly started laughing “This guy is funny… can we not keep him, pretty pretty pleas.” “No kill him I said.” And the Demon Butterfly lifted the Axe again for the kill and the fly looked at him with big puppy ayes and said in the sweetest tone “I’m Sly the Fly… can I be your friend” “come on what are you waiting for?” “I… I” and the Axe fell down for the kill, but stopped inches from the neck. The Demon Butterfly’s arm was shaking and the flower was pressing him to give in to his desires, tempting him with al the delights his juices could offer him. Tears flowed out of the Demon Butterfly’s ayes and the Axe of Doom brushed away flesh and released dripping blood. “Kill him” screamed the flower in the Demon Butterfly’s head… “No I can not, I will not” said the Demon Butterfly and lifted the Axe of Dom away from Sly the Fly’s neck. “Oh thank you Master you will not regret this.” “I’m not to shore about that… I can already feel the abstinence of not getting the flowers juices.”



A new day beckoned and on the throne of Hell sat a new Emperor The Demon Butterfly and beneath his feat sat the Joker Sly the Fly juggling burning ayes for the Emperor’s amusement, however the flower was making shore that the Emperor of Hell got as little pleasure from the fly… never the less he managed to draw a little smile as Sly the Fly chanted


“Ones upon a time there was a perverted little butterfly fly that flapped his wings so hard that he changed the course of existence. He hade a big hart and a sturdy pair of arms that he used to wiled the Axe of Dom that killed everything that came in his way. Oh shala la bamba…”


And so it ended horribly ever after, until the story continued

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There is something I want to tell Annabel…

StoriesPosted by Bjørn Venø Tue, June 17, 2008 04:20:06
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There is something I want to tell Annabel… I look in to her eyes and smile. My mouth stays closed, I turn my back on her and walk to the door, I wait for her but she dose not follow. 

When the door closes I’m surrounded by nothingness. I look at my hands and feel them slowly change to steal; it does not bother me, rather the opposite, a tingling feeling of excitement over experiencing something alien.

I chose a direction and focus with all my strength to hold it. My body changes for every step, adapting to this new environment. Soon I'm able to cover great distance for every stride.

I start to think about possibilities and how plausible it is that every thing is possible given unlimited time and space. Suddenly I start to sing and dance a crazy dance, talking and rambling to my self, letting every insane thought shatter the silence.

Out of the emptiness an elephant with reed flowers growing on its back approaches. The elephant stops five meters away from my nose and sets its eyes on to mine. Within the elephants eyes I see a great ocean crowded with pirate ships raping, torturing and pillaging the innocent.

First written: Fri 23 Nov 07, 12:34 AM

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