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Blog by Bjørn Venø


The artist Venø works with photography video and performance. He tries hard at being a licensed fool and has a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm.


FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Wed, November 04, 2015 21:54:00
I make Art not for my self, not for you, but for humanity.

I believe in my work and it's importance for humanity, but I don't believe that I'm a man people will listen to, that I'm a man who can inspire people or that I'm a man people will support. It is that duality, between belief and self doubt that makes me great at what I do, because no matter how deep my insecurity swallows me I will always force my self not to give up on making Art, which makes for an honest man and artist.

The featured book shows work from 1998 to present day, note that some pictures feature adult themes.

You can purchase the book from

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A workshop in how to be a fool

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, May 20, 2012 13:49:29

Bjørn Venø tells a Norwegian Fairy tale 'Per, Pål og Espen Askelad', talks about Paradigm Shift, the Natural and the Licensed Fool and Free association to make the point that the fools atributes can be used to help new thinking, change and development for human kind.

Tropical Heat at the Royal College of Art 2012

a Event Organised by

Mette Kjaergaard Praest

and Egle Kulbokaite

Documented by JK

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FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, May 20, 2012 00:24:06

Performance for the association of the london colleges of the arts, at Old Vic Tunnels, MAY 2012

Taking inspiration from Norwegian folklore to look at contemporary issues.

Filmed by JK

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The Father and his three sons

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, May 06, 2012 15:14:02

The first 9 minutes from a 20 minute performance by Bjørn Venø (Bjorn Veno) where he tells the story of how he inherited a Norwegian farm and why his two older brothers failed to prove their worth.

The story is a retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale "Askeladen som Kap åt med Trålet", where Venø has made subtle changes creating a story that layes between truth and fiction.

In the back ground Dorota Gaweda and Beth Collar

Documented by JK

From the event "Open Book' Royal College of Art - Performance and Live Art work.

03.05.12 Testbed1 Battersea. Organised by Jack Tan, Nigel Rolfe and Leah

Press Release:

This show brings together 'work made live' from across the Royal College of Art. Taking place in the atmospheric warehouse space at Testbed1 in Battersea, the evening explores a diversity of performance work.

There is considerable renewed interest in this subject world wide and this is reflected across all the subject areas in post-graduate study at the RCA, with young designers as well as fine artists involved.

The evening showcases wide approaches which include body work, durational performances, spoken word, story-telling, musical performance, live installation and sculpture, rituals, and participatory practice.

Participating artists: Beth Collar, Bjørn Venø, Cian McConn+Vivienne Griffin+Rose Pomeroy, Cradeaux Alexander, Dorota Gaweda, Echo Morgan, Elizabeth Porter, Emma Alonze, Hector Castells Matutano, Lina Lapelyte, Miriam Austin, Nicola Thomas, Rosie Edwards+Sui Kim, Suk An, Sven Sachsalber, Tim Zercie

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MANN, Chapter I: Sirkel, test II

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, February 05, 2012 01:19:47

In 2005 I started the project MANN about male identity. This is 7 year old footage from a camera and performance test for Chapter I: Sirkel.

I thought the video footage to be lost, but recently rediscovered the DV tape.

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FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, February 05, 2012 00:23:41
I've recently been experimenting with live performance, the most exciting aspect is the feeling of removing barriers, in this case the video monitor, giving me direct access to the audience. However having an audience makes fre association difficult.

In the performance I try to become Audie Murphy the most decorated war hero and celebrated movie star. A video recording of a performance at Royal College of Art, Battersea 13.12.11

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FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, January 29, 2012 13:38:37

in 1998 Kristian Sinkerud and my self made Reality.

I think this may be the pice that marked the beginning of the path I find my self on. My obsession with Plato's cave theory, the licensed fool - the artist who makes sense of 'madness', the idea that power shifts go in a feed back loop, and using my self in the work.

Featuring: Solveig Wiland, Annika Malmø, Bjørn Venø and Tord Løtveit

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12 hours of writing compressed to 1 hour of spoken word

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Tue, July 05, 2011 13:05:06

Every day we are bombarded with information, creating a greater divide between those who can filter it and those who can not. Internet with its vast information flow is the new frontier where the survival of the fittest will be determined.

In a reaction to this and as a personal experiment I started bombarding Twitter with my thoughts non stop via the Iphone, however Twitter blocked my attack and I shifted my assault to Facebook. The attack lasted for 12 hours via different devices.

Subtracted from the internet this video is a one hour performance of the 9500 words that were written over 12 hours on Monday the 27.06.11. Comments and likes I received have been omitted.

View the PDF:

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Holy Artist's Wet Dream

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, May 22, 2011 00:07:54

4:37 17 May (Norway's independents day) Rochester, Kent.

I've just woken up from a dream, if I had lived 2000 years ago I would have said that an Angel came to me. Instead I shall say that my subconscious spoke to me.

It is summer I'm at home in England. But the place is Venøy Norway where I grew up. Two old friends come to visit and we discus how best to get drunk. I need to go and get some shoes. I walk to Margate where my Aunt lives. But the place is Oslo and it is winter. She lives on her own with her dog, but now she has three, one is very strange looking. She is disappointed that I don't visit that often. I apologise and say I can not stay long.

I'm now at a hotel spa, I'm in a shower room with three boys, we talk about the assume bath, that I did not know about (I should have because I live here). I leave in my morning gown and wander in to the breakfast lounge. I meet a work colleague who has been off sick for a while with two other members of staff and some students. She seems happy and revived. We are on a student trip. They are of to see some art exhibitions. I agree to met up with them later. But first I need to find some clothes.

On my way back I walk in to a spa with some girls that are toples. My morning gown slips, my naked body is revealed for a moment. I'm embarrass and I leave.

I can not find my way back to the room. I see two elderly hotel employees from who I can ask directions.

As I'm about to leave a beautiful petite girl with brown curly hair throughs her self at me. She is naked. She manages to find a path past my beard to my mouth. My cock slides in to her without a condom. I'm concerned, but realise it is a dream so it is ok. We kiss passionately. A student watches us. He wants to touch her I tell him to ask her, at first she is ok about it, but she catches his gaze and tells him to go and that he disgusts her. I feel for the guy, but I'm not going to stop. She lets me shove my finger in to her anus. I can feel some bits inside her, but do not stop. I lay her on the back and thrust my self in to her fast and violently, she screams with delight.

She is gone. I her that she became a porn star and that she had a child. The child appears before me for a brief moment as a three year old.

The girl who fucked me placed a note with small writing on my key ring I am about to read it but I wake up.

When I doodle I draw three dimensional boxes. A society is like a box, it contains us and regulates our thoughts and behaviours. Our thoughts are not controlled by mind control but by the information that is available to us and acknowledges beliefs. To be able to live together we have excepted restraints on to our behaviours.

There is nothing wrong with this per say it creates a stable and secure society. However it can restrict our developments as human beings. Which I say is our reason for living. Hence I believe it is every individuals responsibility to at lest once in their life time to try and transcend beyond our box.

In the past, before globalization their were many small boxes. In such a world their is tension between the boxes, that can causes conflicts.

For us one box started to swallow all the rest, creating on unifying container. The problem with a big box is that it is harder to brake out of.

I do not dismiss one box, but I believe it should be translucent, that it only creates a universal guideline

and restrains from creating a Homogeneous society. Their should be room for smaller boxes within and outside of it.

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Holy Artist

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Wed, April 27, 2011 23:43:15

By using art Bjørn Venø has been able to transcend beyond the paradigm that confines our thoughts. he has become a holy artist, a spirit guide that can take you across the threshold to clarity and divine understanding of yourself and the world.

"For a multitude of individuals it seems our thought patterns are often very similar to the point of the uncanny. But fear not, it is possible to think a thought that truly is your own. Trust Me, take my hand.." Venø

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