Blog by Bjørn Venø

Blog by Bjørn Venø


The artist Venø works with photography video and performance. He tries hard at being a licensed fool and has a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm.

A workshop in how to be a fool

FilmsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sun, May 20, 2012 13:49:29

Bjørn Venø tells a Norwegian Fairy tale 'Per, Pål og Espen Askelad', talks about Paradigm Shift, the Natural and the Licensed Fool and Free association to make the point that the fools atributes can be used to help new thinking, change and development for human kind.

Tropical Heat at the Royal College of Art 2012

a Event Organised by

Mette Kjaergaard Praest

and Egle Kulbokaite

Documented by JK

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