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The artist Venø works with photography video and performance. He tries hard at being a licensed fool and has a burning desire to explore beyond our paradigm.

The Church of Bjørn

ThoughtsPosted by Bjørn Venø Sat, January 02, 2016 23:31:39

A system of thought:

• We are not a singular being we are humanity, both past, present and future.

• We are not separate from the space that surrounds us; it is as much apart of us as our hand.

• Our purpose of existence is to explore for the benefit of evolution.

Take the title of this text with a grain of salt, a pinch of irony and a dash of self-mockery. Bjørn is my name, but it also means bear in Norwegian and is the name of many a Nordic man. Not that it is a church for Bears or hairy male worshippers, no it is not even a church, it is nothing more than the title of this text which is presenting my perspective that I do not profess to be true or falls. What I propose is meant to be a way of thinking that is never closed or dictating towards who one should be. It is an approach that I hope can be shared by others with the aim to further our evolution as a species.

Like most I have an ego, mine revolves around that I believe I have something important to say and that I’m worth listening to. At the same time I'm brimming with insecurity and an inability to control my emotions. Neither of these qualities are a negative or a positive, but together they give me a semblance of balance and a unique perspective.

I cannot accept truths that require one to dismiss all other truths.

I do not believe in a static truth. There are systems of thought where a static truth can always be correct, but such truths are human constructions disconnected from the world.

I do not present a truth; I present a way of thinking with an aim to allow for constant exploration and discovery. I propose that any human action that explores for the benefit of all humanity and the environment we reside in is good. I believe that is how humanity can evolve.

Many forms of exploration can be questionable and turn out to have negative consequences even if ones intention was directed towards a positive outcome. This does not mean that the act should be avoided. It does mean however that one should take care regarding the actions one takes and be mindful with exploration that is beneficial to only one self or a select few.

Personally I have chosen to explore through art because it is the one human activity that has never been clearly defined what it should be. There are forces at work that try to box art in, but so far it has been the most resistant at not being defined.

Everywhere I look I see the world being closed down and limited. More and more human actions are seemingly being regulated and designed to fit a specific pathway. But most worryingly I feel that our thought patterns are being shaped by technology and media with one purpose in mind, for us to be more functional and dependent on the system we are within. This is not beneficial to us as humans, because we become pillars that uphold a status quo rather than being individuals striving towards evolution of humanity and the essence of who we are.

I do not give examples, references or statistics to support my beliefs, because I’m not trying to sell you my perspective, secondly I look at the world with instinct and perception, which are not quantifiable. What I am doing is attempting to encourage everyone to explore and to arrive at his or her own conclusions and perspectives, irrelevant from what I or anyone else believes. The higher the human percentage of who is exploring the grater we can hope to push our selves forward.

I propose that it is each individual's duty to explore. Do not be passive, engage in activities that challenge you and push you to think.

Support in any way you can activities and people that are working towards these goals.

I know I'm trying but so are many others. I feel that many alternative thinkers and artists are talking to death ears, or are only in dialogue with others who already share their perspective. Most of the people I see in this world are following the carrot dangling in front of them. Let me tell you this: That carrot will always be out of reach. The only carrot you can eat is the one you grow yourself. So leave the path that is given to you, come and explore instead.

I make art to explore but most of all I make art to encourage others to explore with me or on their own.

Originally I believe religion was an activity that gave us access to a domain outside of what we knew. But religion lost its virginity along time ago and became a tool for suppression and regulation.

Art is in a position to replace or be a substitute to religion, but it is in danger of failing when it is lead by profit and not guided by a mandate to explore.

Profit is one of humanity's most dangerous concepts. It detours us from exploration and evolution. Profit is about more, more and more. It is also singular in that for someone to profit more, someone else most lose more. As far as I'm concerned the losers are majority of the population and the world itself. The irony is that the minority that profit are ultimately the biggest losers, in that from my perspective they are the furthest away from the purpose of living. Our world evolves around profit and is infused by it. Ultimately I believe it will consume us like cancer. Profit does not encourage exploration it demands predictable outcomes. By doing so it becomes the antagonist against our humanity.

Art must be free from ideas of profit to truly be able to encourage exploration.

This does not mean profit is an evil that must be destroyed; rather it is a dangerous beast that must be ridden with care and consideration towards how it is affecting the world and us. A concept that I believe can challenge the idea of profit or be an alternative is sustainability, and frankly a ride that is inherently a wiser choice, as it is a concept that enforces balance.

Art is in a position to challenge us and guide us, but to do that it must be free and not bound by truths even my own and yours. It is why I suggest a system of thought that is free to evolve with us.

The Church of Bjørn is a farce, an acknowledgement of my ego and that each and every one of us has an ego that we should not deny, hide or suppress. In tandem with recognizing our singular perspective that is the ego we must acknowledge that we are both one and many existing both back and forward in to time.

I wish to stress that the point of this text is honest and I implore it to be taken seriously, in that it is relevant for all of us.

Art and exploration is the most important activity we can take to further the evolution of who we are as individuals and a collective species.

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